Saturday, July 9, 2011

In-coming Sportrec design.

It’s been quite sometime since the last time I’ve posted anything here. yela,, since the beginning of this semester, everyone’s very2 busy.  In addition,, a lot of work/tender suddenly piled-up on its own, resulting us to go ‘weng2’.hahaha.
                This month, we’ve to complete 2 club shirts. One for the SportREC, a faculty of UiTM Pahang, and the all time KRN project.ah,, fucking tiring, u, I’ll let u see the design of SportREC.

::and yet, this one is still unconfirmed yet::

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

bad news

this is so super fuckin' shit. haha,,guess this is what u'll get when u do tried to format a lappy all by ur self. like the Malays used to say, " bagai tikus membaiki labu ".  : D

So, fer now, u could say that almost 40-50% of our designs are gone.But do not worry coz we're currently trying to recover all the important files. oh, FYI i'm the Creative Director of SHALOMALO clothing.So, that "retarded" guy that had messed up his computer is me. :)

Even so, everything will still run as usual. We're still taking order, printing, and shipping stuff. One good thing is that, our other designer, ZIYIN still has his computer workin' as usual. Thats why I've said that we've only lost 40-50% of our files only. so fer now, do keep rooting for us. hopefully my lappy will recover soon.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

The story ended with a biggg BOOM

RM 35
:: Small, Medium only ::

Hola2...nice to meet u'all again. This time we've got another great design by BEYH. This design comes in 3 colour( version ) . we've purple,blue, and grey. As always, this shirt will be printed on a gildan's t-shirt. And, as far I know, this design( picture that will be printed on the shirt, yes the Sheriff ) doesn't really meant to resemble anybody. So, do't ask us who is this fuckin' cowboy, I DON'T KNOW..,, how would u order it? simple inbox our FB account : SHALOMALO's official FB account or juz simply text us the order : 

>>0123253578/ 0179364640

And please tell us all the necessary details, such :
  • ur name
  • adress
  • size
  • which tee u wanna buy
  • n anything u think that might make our biznez smoother


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


hahaha.. OMFG! they r comin to malaysia fer a live tour. Shit,,i'm really lookin' ferward to this. Seriously, i'm not lying to all of u peeps. u can find the details here : facebook ESTK event

And FYI,,,all of us at SHALOMALO really adore and hearted ESTK. So, to round everything all up, we just wanna say that, "just go grab the tickets and have fun". PS ; if u're wondering,, will we be attending this show,,well of course. its a chance of a life time. ok. thanx C:

Thursday, May 12, 2011


don't u frickin' love the combination of hardcore and techno. SMOKAHONTAS by ATTACK ATTACK.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

See i've told u so

Ha..this time,Ziyin has come up with two new design.Its still in the comment2,critics2 stage.but insyaallah, it will be printed.So, any of u peeps here wanna buy it, juz log on to ur FB account and pm us.
stay heatly by ZIYIN

but, for those who dislike social networking, or in short dont have any FB account, dont' panic. juz Email  u the details.


or another option, text us.actually we prefer this one better.but its up to u guys to use which ever method to contact us. Btw, dont put ur order here, coz we kind of jarang2 bukak our there u have it.

Shalomalo's official FB. Click Here.
email :
text message : 0123253578 / 0179364640 

Monday, May 9, 2011

New design coming soon

It’s been quite some time since the last time we’ve posted some design. Yah, everybody busy with that, with this, WTH. Insyaallah, like another a week or so, we’ll post something new. Be sure to see it. Better, grab it once it is printed.hehehe C: