Thursday, May 19, 2011

The story ended with a biggg BOOM

RM 35
:: Small, Medium only ::

Hola2...nice to meet u'all again. This time we've got another great design by BEYH. This design comes in 3 colour( version ) . we've purple,blue, and grey. As always, this shirt will be printed on a gildan's t-shirt. And, as far I know, this design( picture that will be printed on the shirt, yes the Sheriff ) doesn't really meant to resemble anybody. So, do't ask us who is this fuckin' cowboy, I DON'T KNOW..,, how would u order it? simple inbox our FB account : SHALOMALO's official FB account or juz simply text us the order : 

>>0123253578/ 0179364640

And please tell us all the necessary details, such :
  • ur name
  • adress
  • size
  • which tee u wanna buy
  • n anything u think that might make our biznez smoother


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