Wednesday, June 8, 2011

bad news

this is so super fuckin' shit. haha,,guess this is what u'll get when u do tried to format a lappy all by ur self. like the Malays used to say, " bagai tikus membaiki labu ".  : D

So, fer now, u could say that almost 40-50% of our designs are gone.But do not worry coz we're currently trying to recover all the important files. oh, FYI i'm the Creative Director of SHALOMALO clothing.So, that "retarded" guy that had messed up his computer is me. :)

Even so, everything will still run as usual. We're still taking order, printing, and shipping stuff. One good thing is that, our other designer, ZIYIN still has his computer workin' as usual. Thats why I've said that we've only lost 40-50% of our files only. so fer now, do keep rooting for us. hopefully my lappy will recover soon.


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