Tuesday, May 10, 2011

See i've told u so

Ha..this time,Ziyin has come up with two new design.Its still in the comment2,critics2 stage.but insyaallah, it will be printed.So, any of u peeps here wanna buy it, juz log on to ur FB account and pm us.
stay heatly by ZIYIN

but, for those who dislike social networking, or in short dont have any FB account, dont' panic. juz Email  u the details.


or another option, text us.actually we prefer this one better.but its up to u guys to use which ever method to contact us. Btw, dont put ur order here, coz we kind of jarang2 bukak our blog.so there u have it.

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email : acapoic@yahoo.com
text message : 0123253578 / 0179364640